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The books reviewed are:

1. Afrikuandika: The African Hieroglyphic Writing System, published by (New York) This is a great book and it is the African alphabet and caligraphic art represented in full. Afrikuandika presents a revived way of writing that was part of the ancient culture for thousands of years.

2. Susu and Susunomics: The Theory and Practice of Pan-African Economic, Racial and Cultural Self-Preservation, published by A very good book, a work of art, a facinating and effective system of building wealth and building everything the People need to develop.
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3. A History of the African-Olmecs: Black Civilizations of America from Prehistoric Times to the Present Era, published by AuthorHouse, 1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, Indiana 47403 USA, 1(800) 839-8640 OR 1(812) 339-6000

A facinating journey into the history of America Before Columbus. One of the early figures in American history is the prehistoric African called Meci after whom the Quetzalcoatl story is made. Meci is said (Popul Vuh, translated by Sagahun) to have been a great African king who took eight great ships laden with people and supplies and sailed from West Africa/Sahara to the Americas over five thousand years ago (about 3000 BC). After Meci, others returned to Mexico and Central America and an African civilization along with American Indians already in the region was created. A History of the African-Olmecs details this history.

The book also details African/Negro peoples found right in the United States and listed by explorers and naturalists like Balboa, Peter Matyr, Rafinesque. These Blacks of America before Columbus were of African origins and targeted for enslavement before the general enslavement of Africans beginning about 1530's. As early as the mid 1400's, the order was given by the Church to the Europeans to 'enslave and christianize' descendents of Ham found in the New World. These 'Descendents of Ham' or African people found in the Americas include groups that still exist today and include: The Olmecs of ancient Mexico, Kalifunami of the Caribbean, Waschitaw Nation of Louisiana/Mississippi, Guanini of the Northern coastal region of South America, Chuarras of Brazil, Jamassee of Georgia, Black Mojave or Black Californian of California - See ), the Guale of Georgia and others. The book is the most thorough book written on the ancient Black nations of the United States. These Black nations existed before the Black Indian peoples of today and were not called 'Indians' in ancient times but 'Ethiopians' and 'Black Moors."

4. Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth, published by
A powerful work on the history of ancient kingdoms and empires. This great and thrilling work examines the history of people from about 100,000 years ago when some migrated to Africa and created cultures around the world. It discusses civilizations from the prehistoric Sahara to the West African kingdoms of the 1800's. It also discusses the ancient cultures, nations, kingdoms and empires established by Africans in Mexico, India, Southern China, Melanesia, Mesopotamia and the South Pacific as well as Australia.
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5. A History of Education Book II, published by Xlibris, 436 Walnut St. 11th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106 1(888)795-4274

A History of Education Book II is a thundering and exciting work that takes the reader on a journey through the ideas of intelligence, aptitude, civilization, culture and intelligence tests. The tests are done in the most hilarious fashion. The 'smart blonde' iq test is an example of how intelligence tests can be created to totally change the perception people have of different beliefs and ideas.

A History of Education Book II explains why some of the most intellectually gifted people in the world are African-Americans despite 400 years of slavery and the harsh punishment metted out by slavemasters who caught any Black person reading or studing. The culture of the African slaves and later African-Americans was so rooted in religion, science and ancestral recognition that secret studying and the creation of alphabets and symbols from Vadu or to use during the Underground Railroad were created to replace the education and literary talents they were denied.

6. "A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," is published by Xlibris, 436 Walnut Street, 11th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106 ) 1(888) 795-4274 and 1(215) 923-4686 }

This world-class book of great quality and facinating details is a complete history of racism from its invention and use as part of religion in ancient times. Many may be shocked to realize that racism was not first began in Europe or invented there but in a part of the world where it is strongly fused in religion and culture. This great book also discusses the revolutions against occupiers beginning in ancient India. It details how Ahmose the Black Pharaoh of Egypt started a revolution against the Hyksos and drove them out.

This book discusses how the Greeks and Romans as well as ancient Jews looked with high regard on Africans whom they called "Ethiopians," Egyptians or Cushites. The book discusses the Haitian Revolution, Nat Turner's Rebellion and the various methods Black American slaves, Jim-Crow era African-Americans and present-day African-Americians took and are still taking to free and uplift themselves up to the 1960's.

7. Rap, Rhyme and Rhythm: Rapsody in Hip-Hop, Rhythm and Rhyme, pub. by 1(800) 839-8640. Rap, Rhyme and Rhythm is A complete book of 250 pages of some of the best poetry ever written. This great work has traditional poetry, love and romance, hip-hop, spoken word, Jamaican dub poetry, conscious, ancient Nubian and Griot poetry and more. Looking for a girlfriend, wife or mate, there are poems in this book that will charm even the shyest potential mate. These poems will open the hearts, minds and ambitions.

8. Mom's Caribbean and Americas Soulfood Cooking for Excellent Health and a Long Life. Published by

Clearly, this is a very important cookbook. It presents some of the most delicious recipes ever created and these recipes are presented in a mannner that will help gain proper nutrition as well as help reduce weight gain.

9. Americans and their Idols. The first 'mixed-tape' version of the book. This book comes in three exciting parts and is the literary version of the 'mixed-tape.' The first part is a general history of American music and emphasized African-American music from spirituals and barbershop singing (invented by former slaves) to rap and hip-hop. The book covers spirituals, barbershop, ragtime, blues, jazz, gospel, soul, rhythm and blues, funk, calypso, reggae, Afro-Cuban, African highlife, disco and more.

The book discusses how music contests and idols are helping to preserve the tradition of singing and the playing of musical instruments. It details the opinions of people who watch music contests and their impression of singers and judges.

The third part of the book is a sample of some of the best poetry in the areas of historical, romance, poetry, hip-hop and other genres ever written.

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